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BBQ & Birthday's...the perfect match

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Capping off a special day with food that will make your heart and tastebuds sing.

editors note - the original post was made Oct 20, 2019 on a separate site, what you're reading now is a remake of that.

Hey fam how's it going? Hope everyone has had a good week and thanks for checking in.

Anyone here a fan of BBQ? The smokey flavors, finger licking sauces, or that soul satisfying feeling your taste-buds give from each bite of tender deliciousness, nom. If I've got your mouth watering then let tell you about my most recent trip to a place called Prime Steakhouse.

What's for dinner?

“The way to anyone's heart is through their stomachs.”

Southern comfort food

Located in the heart of North Carolina's Rocky Mount this is a soul food restaurant that's cooking up grub equally as good as the ambiance it's nested in. I planned a surprise dinner to celebrate my dads 60th birthday (whoop whoop!!), and it goes without saying we were nothing short of happy customers. The restaurant offers a wide a wide variety of your favorite bbq'd meats from carolina pulled pork and smoked sausages to fresh cut and fried fish, crab cakes, smoked wings, burgers, and even seafood gumbo. That's right, they have gumbo too and their sides aren't pushovers either. I had the mac & cheese, potato salad, and corn bread with my pulled pork meal and let me tell you their mac & cheese and corn bread are some of the best versions of those foods I have ever had. My niece had an order of smoked wings which other franchise wing restaurants should sample and take notes from as those are how smoked wings are supposed to taste. My girlfriend recommended Prime Smokehouse and she couldn't have been more right, we loved every bite.

“Warning: missing leftovers are not anyone's fault but your should have ate all them while at the restaurant.”

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