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Installing the iOS 15.4 Beta

New software is in the air for iPhone users and this giving birth to new features (pun intended)

Released today is the developer beta for Apple's newest iPhone software iOS 15.4. As with any software release the features are sure to be many and just as great. One of those said features is the inclusion of new emojis.

Seen above you can expect new faces and characters including a goblin, handshake, and yes....that's a pregnant man. It's an interesting choice but nonetheless sure to make texting your friends and family that more fun overall.

If you're interested in installing the beta you'll have to be patient just a little while. Those registered to Apple's Developer Program have access to the beta now and in the coming week(s) Apple will release a public version of the beta. For an in depth guide on how to download and install the public beta click here.

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