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Siri Gets Chat GPT

Unless you've been under a rock the last few months you already know about Chat GPT and its incredible potential. Now, if you're one of the small bunch of cave-dwellers reading this post that hasn't heard please allow me to explain.

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence, support tool developed by Open AI, the same group Whisper, an automatic speech recognition system, and DALL*E 2, an artificial intelligence software that can make visual art from nearly anything that you ask it. The latter of that bunch is very impressive at what it does. Open AI has combined its experiences to develop Chat GPT. With it, you can ask questions, and statements, and even request it to write long-form essays all of which are generated by nothing more than what some call quantum computing. I simply call it genius.

Chat GPT is making waves in the tech world as a ground-breaking tool, so much so that tech giants such as Microsoft are beginning to implement its features into their search engines and Google has been rumored to have its own competitor in the works. So this leaves Apple to be questioned on when, or if they have a response, and for those that are wondering...they don't need to. Absolutely free (as of this post) you can integrate Chat GPTs amazing AI into Siri. Follow the steps below to learn how.

1. Download the iOS shortcut for Chat GPT. This is the first part of the magic needed to make this entire process happen. I've created a custom link from the one I was provided with; you can use it by tapping on this.

2. Create an Open AI account and generate your own API. In order for your shortcut to talk to Chat GPT and respond to your speech you'll need an API (application programming interface). To create an account and generate your API 1) go to, click/tap on API, and follow the steps to sign up for an account, 2) click/tap on your profile and go to View API Keys, 3) click/tap on Create new secret key.

3. Copy and paste your secret API key into the text field of your iOS shortcut, then save the shortcut.

The way this works from here is when you want to use the Siri/Chat GPT integration you'll have to say "Hey Siri, Chat GPT mode". From there Siri should then ask "What's the text?" where you then say whatever. LITERALLY, whatever you want to ask, ask it.

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