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#TechAlert - block those calls

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Because who wants to talk to strangers anyway?

Spammers and robo-calls are the most unwanted types of calls anyone with a phone can endure. Unless you have a crazy ex but that's a story for another website. With this edition of #techalert we take a look at a quick and simple way to stop those annoying calls from ever hearing your voice again. iPhone users, meet the best gatekeeper.

Tested on the most recent version of iOS (I'm a beta tester and have version 13.2 but this should work on all iPhones using iOS 13) you can now block unsaved numbers from ringing your phone.

1. From your phone's main screen access the settings, and scroll down to the Phone setting.

2. Scroll down about midway until you see Silence Unknown Callers and click the button to activate the feature.

3. Enjoy! Kiss those unsaved contacts buh-bye.

From here you'll see those calls displayed in your recent calls as pictured above, however, you won't know they ever called you. All unsaved contacts will be forwarded to voicemail, unless you add them as a contact in future. This feature is very similar to the block caller feature you can find in a contacts edit screen and works equally the same.

For more tech tips, unboxings, and reviews check out what's on my YouTube channel.

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