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#TechAlert: ShiftCam

These accessories are doing wonders for iPhone photographers

It's been a while since I did one of these #techalert articles so I wanted to make this one special. Let me introduce you to a company called ShitftCam. They make photography centered accessories for iPhones with a range of products varying from lenses to tripods and everything in-between. I found their site and for someone that's a mobile content creator I felt like I was thrown into tech heaven. They've got everything needed to take your photography skills to the next level.

This is their ProGrip, a device you fit your phone into making it easier to take photos and videos with the use of one hand. Holding one of these takes away the pain and frustration of single hand photography and some of you may be thinking that two handed use beats this but you'd be surprised. What I love about this is the bluetooth shutter button. It's conveniently located on the handle so when you're holding it there's next to no extra effort needed to click the shooter and begin recording or taking pictures.

The ProGrip also has a built in wireless charging station (found in the big circle you see on the front) which allows you to keep your phone charged up while you're out. This idea to me is absolute genius being that filming in 4K is a battery killer so having the ability to keep my phone alive while shooting for long periods of time is a plus.

Seeing how great the ProGrip was I picked up another great tool which is their silicone camera case.

My wife had bought me the 75mm long range macro lens and though it came with a screw-on for attaching it to my phone the silicone case comes with a fitter for all of the lenses that ShiftCam offers.

Simple enough that a caveman could do it I was setup for taking high definition macro shots in seconds and when combined with the ProGrip case taking those shots was never easier.

These three accessories aren't the only things that ShiftCam offers. They have LED light attachments, as anyone with a camera knows that light can be either your best friend or worst enemy so ShiftCam invented a solution for that. They also offer telephoto and wide angle lens kits both of which can give your pictures that professional look. If you're interested in learning more click this link here to check out their website and to see a gallery of the shots I took with their 75mm lens click here. You're welcome.

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