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#TechAlert - spoken messages

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

If your smartphone doesn't read to you is it truly smart?

When smartphones introduced a feature called speech-to-text it was a big thing. We were now able to speak to our phones and have it translate what we said into text, eliminating the need for us to physically type in what we wanted to say. Pretty cool for its time but in this edition of #techalert I'll show you how to reverse that feature and get your phone to talk to you.

Siri gets spoken word: literally

Since the release of iOS 13 you can activate a well hidden feature that will allow you to select text and have your phone read it out aloud. This is great for those of us whom are multi-tasking or just too lazy to read that endless paragraph of text message someone keeps sending you.

1. From phone's settings find the Accessibility option.

2. From Accessibility select Spoken Content, and then turn Speak Selection.

3. Voice-over accent and language can be changed by selecting Voices.

From here all you need to do is select what you want read by press and holding on the message or manually selecting the content, and then selecting to Speak whatever is highlighted.

Speak can even be used on read books, web articles, and social media posts. The Speak will also tell you what kind of emoji is being used when used in text messages.

For more tech tips, unboxings, and reviews check out what's on my YouTube channel.

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